Bravery Order
The Bravery (Rashadat) Order of the Republic of Azerbaijan has been established by the Law 884-VQD, dated 17 November 2017. There are three classes, 1st class Rashadat Order being the highest. The three classes of the order are confessed sequentially. The order is given to the military personnel of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Azerbaijan for the following services: special services in ensuring the independence, territorial integrity and security of the Republic of Azerbaijan; professional management of military units and formations in combat operations that culminated in the liberation of important or strategic territories, settlements, districts or cities from enemy occupation; courage shown in preventing enemy attack, liberating occupied territories, destroying the manpower and equipment of the enemy while protecting the motherland; for brave and determined acts in the performance of official duties and military service in conditions of a real threat to life; special services in saving lives in emergencies or extreme conditions; and distinguished services in ensuring the protection of the state border.
Bravery Order recipients