44-day-long Patriotic War – one of the most significant events in the whole history of Azerbaijan. For the first time after a long historical break we revived to liberate the occupied lands. These were the most honourable, glorious and proud times the Azerbaijani nation and state has ever witnessed. It is a great pleasure for each Azerbaijani to witness those times.
Yet besides witnesses, there are also martyrs thereof – heroes, warriors of new century who revised history, made us feel the joy of victory, and altered their nation and state from the defeated to the victor. For the sake of this victory, they had forsaken the most precious and sweetest blessing without hesitation – their lives.
We, as a society and an individual, owe them so much. Yet above all, we must compile, learn, study, and pass their great heritage to the next generations – a heritage of heroism.
This heritage shall roar the spirit of Azerbaijani nation for many years yet and show everyone this soil’s might to raise such heroes. It shall demonstrate that the verse in our national anthem – “Soldiers who sacrificed their rights, each became a hero” – is never a bunch of words. Each martyr, presented in this website, is undoubtedly a hero.
Compiling and constantly updating information about our heroes is our primary mission. We are grateful in advance for any help in the direction of accomplishing this mission.