Name: Gurbanov
Surname: Ruslan
Patronymic: Uzeyir
Date of birth: 07.09.1991
Date of martyrdom: 28.09.2020
“For the Fatherland” Medal“For the Liberation of Kalbajar”
Ruslan Gurbanov was born on September 7, 1991 in Agali village of Bilasuvar district. Ruslan, who was raised by Uzeyir Gurbanov and Ilhama Shamiyeva, had two sisters and one brother. Ruslan, the second child of the Gurbanov family, was brought up in a patriotic spirit. His father had fought for the defense of Fuzuli and Jabrayil regions against Armenian invaders during the First Karabakh War.

In October 2009, Ruslan was called up for military service. He served in a military unit of the Ministry of Defense in Dashkasan district. He was discharged from the army in April 2011. On May 10, 2013, Ruslan was admitted for overtime active military service in the Internal Troops. Thus, he decided to devote his life to military service.

From that time until the Patriotic War, he served in a military unit of the troops located in Ganja city. As a Special Forces officer, he tirelessly strove to maintain and improve combat readiness. He was regularly awarded by the command for his exemplary service.

The Patriotic War, which began on September 27, 2020, against the Armenian occupiers, was the most glorious battle test for Ruslan, as well as thousands of Special Forces servicemen. He was ready for this test. From the first day of the war, he fought resolutely against the enemy at the front line in the direction of Kalbajar region, in the territory of Murovdag.

His comrades-in-arms say that Ruslan never showed his tiredness and used to help his comrades whenever they were tired. He considered avenging the martyrs to be the most honorable aim. As if he knew that, he would rise to this high position.

From the day he joined the battles, Ruslan inspired his comrades. He carried the machine gun kit alone. He silenced the firing points of the invaders with his accurate fire. He destroyed seven soldiers of the enemy in one of the posts.

By the decrees signed by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Senior Sergeant Ruslan Gurbanov was posthumously awarded the "For the Motherland" and "For the Liberation of Kalbajar" medals.