Name: Azizov
Surname: Ayshad
Patronymic: Garyaghdi
Date of birth: 05.09.1990
Date of martyrdom: 27.09.2020
Rank: Soldier
“For the Fatherland” Medal“For the Liberation of Sugovushan” Medal“For the Liberation of Lachin” Medal
Ayshad Azizov Garyaghdi was born in 1990 in the Askipara village of the Tartar region. He was the Azerbaijan Army's long-term active military serviceman. He became a martyr on the first day of the war during the battles for Talish village.

Ayshad's companion-in-arms Inqilab Gayibov speaks about their warpath:
When the counter-offensive operations started on September 27, we were one of the first groups going into action. We- are the commander and four servicemen have entered one of the strategic heights of the enemy in the direction of Talish. As our commander was shot by the sniper, we moved forward by ourselves. I was a sniper in our group. We shot an Armenian with Jahangir's gun. Ajdar Dadashov, Jahangir Gurbanov and Ayshad Azizov were next to me. I was ahead of them. Then, they threw an "RGD-5" hand grenade. I turned and looked at how far the others were. They were 5 metres away from me. "They threw a grenade," I said. They again hit the ground. I could not either run away or hit the ground. I grasped my eyes. All the fragments from the grenade hit the places where the armoured jacket could not cover, my hand and my leg. But they were nothing. Despite the bleeding, I was moving forward. I destroyed the Armenian serviceman, who fired on us. My comrades also came and we were getting ready to advance further. When we changed the comb of the gun, they hit us with an 82 mm mortar. I remember nothing. My comrades-in-arms said that other members of the platoon came to us when the dust calmed down. Three of my comrades-in-arms became martyrs. They thought that I was also dead…

Ayshad Azizov was married to Naiba Khanum and had two sons -Yusif and Huseyn. His wife talks about what a wonderful person her husband is.

After his death, Ayshad Azizov was awarded medals of "For the Motherland", "For the Liberation of Sugovushan" and "For the Liberation of Lachin" following the Decree signed by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.