Name: Karimli
Surname: Galasi
Patronymic: Muslim
Date of birth: 08.01.2000
Date of martyrdom: 02.11.2020
Rank: Soldier
“For the Fatherland” Medal“For Bravery” Medal“Brave Warrior” Medal
Galasi Karimli was born on January 8, 2000 in the village of Mugan, Hajigabul region. On November 2, communication with him was interrupted; it was not possible to get any information about him. G. Karimli disappeared during the battles for the Dashalti village of Shusha.

Karimli Galasi, who has been missing since November 2, became a martyr in the battles for the liberation of our lands.

The remains of the martyr will be delivered to the Mugan village of the Hajigabul region, after the farewell ceremony he will be buried in the cemetery in the village.

By a decree signed by President Ilham Aliyev on December 18 last year, soldier Karimli Galasi was awarded the "Brave Warrior" medal. He was awarded for his successful performance of combat missions during the liberation of the territories of the Republic of Azerbaijan, for his contribution to the preservation of the combat capability of our troops by destroying the main groups and equipment of the enemy.