Name: Mirzayev
Surname: Elyar
Patronymic: Jalal
Date of birth: 06.09.1984
Date of martyrdom: 14.10.2020
Rank: Soldier
“For the Fatherland” Medal“For the Liberation of Jabrayil” Medal“For the Liberation of Fuzuli” Medal
Elyar Mirzayev was born on September 6 in 1984 in the Bahar settlement of Beylagan district. In 1990, he entered the 1st grade of full secondary school named after Sardar Imraliyev. Elyar, who had a special interest and passion for football since childhood, played in the Bahar football team during his school years.

The team leaded by Elyar won first place in the school championships. Elyar, who graduated from school in 2001, was already a well-known figure not only in Beylagan, but also in the country as a professional football player. Although he received offers from several football clubs, he chose to join the military.

On October 10, 2002, Elyar, who was called to active military service by the Beylagan district military commissariat, served in the penitentiary service of the Ministry of Justice. He did not leave football during his service, but continued to play in the "Justice" club of the Ministry of Justice. After completing his military service, he started playing in "Bakili" football club in April 2004. Then Elyar, who became involved in small business, returned to the region as he started a family and also played in Beylagan's "Mil" team. In 2006-2007, as part of the "Mil" football club, he was the champion of Azerbaijan in the Republican amateur league, and at the same time won the national cup. After some time, he returned to Baku, held trainings at EKOL MFK (mini football club), and then came back to the region.

In 2016, without notifying his family members, he submitted his documents to the "Training of active military servicemen" course. Having successfully completed the course, Elyar started serving as a machine gunner in the "Attack" battalion of the military unit located in Beylagan district. According to his relatives, Elyar had a special interest in military art since childhood. However, as he was the only child in the family, he was afraid of his parents' reaction to his desire to become a soldier. Therefore, he informed his family about this afterwards.
Elyar was trained as a professional soldier in a short period of time, he was repeatedly awarded with honorary orders and letters of thanks.

Elyar, who continued his football career during his military service, became the army champion as part of the team of the second army corps in the football championship of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces held in Ganja in 2019.

Elyar's war path in the Patriotic War starts from the Fuzuli direction of the frontline. Elyar, who participated in the battles as part of the "Attack" battalion he represented, is distinguished by his special heroism from the very first days. On the first day of the war, he crossed the fortification called "Ohanyan" defense line, where the enemy had strengthened for years, and took part in the liberation of several villages. At that time, he did not forget to contact his family, he called them, comforted them and told them that everything would be fine.

Elyar, an active participant in the battles in the direction of Fuzuli, Jabrayil and Agoghlan (Hadrut), copes with his work as a machine gunner professionally. He repeatedly put himself in danger and saved his wounded comrades who were under fire during the battles.
Our hero machine gunner, who was constantly targeted by the enemy, was hit by a sniper's bullet in the battle that started in the morning of October 14 in the foothills of Mount Shaban, located in the direction of Agoghlan. On October 16, Elyar was laid to rest in Bahar settlement.

Elyar's 2 children are entrusted to the Motherland. His son Ashraf was born on July 21, 2005, and his daughter Khanim, who wants to continue his father's path as a football player, was born on November 3, 2006.