Name: İbrahimli
Surname: Adil
Patronymic: Asam
Date of birth: 09.09.1992
Date of martyrdom: 07.11.2020
Rank: Senior Lieutenant
“Hero of Patriotic War” Medal“For the Fatherland” Medal“For the Liberation of Jabrayil” Medal“For the Liberation of Khojavand” Medal“For the Liberation of Shusha” Medal“For the Liberation of Kalbajar”
Adil Ibrahimli Asem oglu was born on September 9, 1992 in Sumgayit. In 1999-2008, he studied at Sumgait city secondary school No. 14. In 2008, he was admitted to Jamshid Nakhchivanski Military High School to continue his education. After graduating from the high school in 2011, he entered the Azerbaijan Higher Military School named after Heydar Aliyev.

He graduated from the Military School in 2015 and received the rank of Lieutenant. Later he passed the refresher course as an officer and started serving in the Azerbaijani army. In 2017, Adil was admitted to the Special Forces. He graduated with honors from the Commando Training courses in Turkey.

Adil Ibrahimli's father Asem is also a veteran of the First Karabakh War. In 1992, he volunteered to go to the war. He raised a son like himself.
Adil's wife Nargul has known him since he was 12 years old although they had only been married for three years. She says that Adil was a great leader in the family too as he was in his job. “I have never seen a family leader or father like Adil”, she stressed.

Although Adil was quite young, he was a professional soldier. His last position was Group Commander and Chief Intelligence Officer. His comrades-in-arms talk about his courage, his bravery in the fierce battles of the war, how he fought to the last drop of blood.

He fought in the battles for Murovdag, Sugovushan, Fuzuli, Hadrut, Khojavand, Shusha for 40 days. His last assignment was in Shusha, where he showed great bravery and fought heroically even though he was wounded. On November 7, Adil rose to the peak of martyrdom.

Adil İbrahimli was posthumously awarded the medals “Hero of the Patriotic War”, “For the Motherland”, “For the Liberation of Kalbajar”, “For the Liberation of Khojavand”, “For the Liberation of Shusha”, “For the Liberation of Jabrayil”.

In the march held on September 27, 2021 as a sign of deep respect for Azerbaijani soldiers and officers, who died in the battles for the territorial integrity of the country, as well as for the killed civilians and missing Azerbaijanis during the Patriotic War, Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev held the photo of the hero of the Patriotic War, Adil Ibrahimli.