Name: Huseynov
Surname: Elchin
Patronymic: Zamin
Date of birth: 06.09.1992
Date of martyrdom: 02.10.2020
Rank: Soldier
“For the Fatherland” Medal“For the Liberation of Sugovushan” Medal“For the Liberation of Aghdam” Medal“Participant of the Patriotic War” Medal
Elchin Huseynov was born on September 9, 1992 in Baku. In 1999, he started going to the Sumgait city secondary school No. 9. He graduated from the customs department of Sumgait State Technical College in 2012. He was the first son in their family.

Elchin, who joined the military in 2012, completed his service in 2014. In August, he started serving as a scout-sniper as an overtime active military serviceman of the Baku Corps of the Azerbaijan Armed Forces. During the April 2016 battles, Elchin applied to the command to voluntarily go to the front. The command took his request into account.

On September 27, 2020, Elchin Huseynov got injured in the battles of Suguvushan during the Patriotic War, aimed at liberating the territories which were under the occupation of Armenia. Despite this, he did not retreat and destroyed a large number of the enemy's manpower. He risked his life not to let the strategic heights fall into the hands of the enemy, and save his comrades’ lives. Even though he was wounded, he continued to fight and was heroically martyred on October 2 while moving from the "Mubariz" post to another post. He was buried on October 17 in the Alley of Martyrs of Sumgait.

Natig Huseynov, the brother of our martyred officer stated that Elchin was sieged with his comrades. However, he overcame the height, entered the area where the enemy was and shot those who fired at them:
- According to intelligence officers, Elchin was shot twice when he was martyred. The first bullet hit him in the back of the head, and the commander thought that Elchin was martyred. But after a while they saw that he was alive. He stood up and his commander, Elman Azizli, ordered him to return back. But Elchin did not return and told the commander to "wait". He stood facing the enemy, found the strength before the second bullet hit him, shot the Armenian soldier. Then the second bullet hit him in the head. He took off his armor in a few seconds while lying down, put the flag in his pocket, hugged his weapon, and was martyred there."

All fellow intelligence officers did their best to take away him. Only after 11 days - after the enemy retreated - was it possible to take the body of Elchin from the area.
His brother says that although Elchin is older than him, he was single and never thought about getting married. He had only one dream - Shusha, he didn't think about anything else. His life consisted only of a post and a trench. He left this world for his dreams...

After his death, Elchin Huseynov was awarded the "For the Homeland", "For the Liberation of Sugovushan", "Participant of the Patriotic War", and "For the Liberation of Aghdam" medals for his heroism in the Patriotic War.